The Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation is guided by a profound concern for the future of wildlife in California and the Western United States as civilization continues to encroach on traditional wildlife habitats. Mindful of the fate of the now-extinct California grizzly bear, the Foundation supports efforts to protect and preserve wild animals in the West from the danger of extinction.

California’s diverse ecosystems include mountain ranges, deserts, forests, wetlands, grasslands, and over 1,000 miles of coastline. California alone provides habitat for more than 391 species of birds, 222 mammals, 160 reptiles and amphibians, and 116 species of freshwater fish. These ecosystems are extremely complex and sensitive. Human disturbances exert constant pressure and dramatically impact wildlife throughout California and the West. Wildlife are threatened by many different types of human activity, including direct destruction of habitat and the spread of disease and non-endemic species. Many regions face multiple threats, which place additional stress on already weakened ecosystems.

The Creekspirit Wildlife Foundation seeks to promote a wider understanding of these forces, how wildlife species are related to each other and to their environment, and how wildlife conservation efforts can help reduce continued adverse impacts on our wildlife heritage. The Foundation supports conservation of wildlife and helps wildlife in need, both directly and indirectly through the support of other nonprofit organizations involved in wildlife preservation efforts.